Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Sun in a ring

 When Christian and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last June, I wanted to bring
something home from Africa to remind me of our accomplishments
in hiking Africa's tallest mountain with fellow burn survivors.
After the hike, our team stayed at a bougie hotel where 
It is estimated that Tanzanite formed around 585 million years ago 
by massive plate tectonic activity and intense heat in the area 
that would later become Mount Kilimanjaro. 
Tanzite is only found in that area of the world, and so, of course,
 I needed some to remember this epic journey by.
Christian helped me pick out a jewel in a lovely deep purple shade,
which was certified and packed for me to take home.
I immediately sent it to my brother-in-law, Andrew Beesley, in Utah,
a Goldsmith and designer.  He's made almost every piece
of quality jewelry that I own.
We discussed ideas, designs, and the symbolism I wanted to convey in 
this ring.  This would be an heirloom piece that I'd pass down 
to my children, so it had to have a special meaning.
I wanted the jewel to be in the center of a sun, which is sentimental to me
since the sun is connected with light, fire, and, 
most importantly, the Son of God, the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Andrew did a BEAUTIFUL job, and I was sooooo pleased when 
I received it.
Me wearing my rings, sitting next to my dearest friends
at the recent Courage Rising premiere, K2 founder and guide Kristen.

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