Friday, April 28, 2023


Today Gigs and I went to the dentist.
Sadly, I had yet another tooth needing attention.
Once I hit 40, it's like my teeth decided I was old, and
 Gigs needed a little tweak to the work he had a few weeks ago.
On the way there, Gigs unveiled how he got his hair wavy today.
(since, naturally, he doesn't have wavy hair on his head).
"Did you sleep with it in braids?" I asked.
"Nope, I remember watching Jane get her hair wet, and then she'd put
 a ton of gel in her hands,
then scrunch her hair, and then boom, curly hair."
After the dentist, and with the left side of my face numb, 
a Hispanic man approached me and asked me something
in Spanish, which, unfortunately, I didn't understand.
I wish soooo bad I could speak and understand Spanish,
 but I can't, so for like 10 minutes, we were playing charades, 
trying to figure out what his question was.
Then I pulled out my phone and, using Google translate, we 
determined he was looking for labels for envelopes and pens
that would write on the labels, and that wouldn't smear!
I was proud of myself.
We said goodbye, then a few minutes later, it hit me that 
and missionaries host for free for anyone interested.
I said to Gigs that if I happened to run into him again, that was God
putting us together so I could invite him to English class.
I KNOW Gigs was secretly praying we would NOT meet him again
because he thought I embarrassed myself at our first meeting.
I only feel old if I'm hanging around Gigs.
He's so dear to let me know that I'm either old or acting like a Karen.
Which, by the way, I'm NEVER!
Teenagers!! Phf!
Well, guess what? 
We ran into each other as we were leaving!
So I typed in Google Translate,
"Do you want to attend a FREE English class?"
From there, he typed in YES!
Information was exchanged, and we went our separate ways.
I hope I see him there!
Then we stopped off at the nursery, where we picked up my hanging
fern plants that will line my front porch.
Actually, I should type that Gigs picked them up for me.
I just waited in the car and took photos of him.
Later in the evening, I had Gigs attach two lanterns on either side 
of our new Spring break hammock.
We relaxed up there, watching the full moon 
peeking through the giant trees, it was magical
until instantly, it began blowing, and the clouds covered the sky and 
it started to not only rain but began pouring rain!

I hope it won't rain this whole weekend so we can enjoy these
Spring evenings.
(Actually, who am I kidding, I wouldn't mind it one bit!).

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