Saturday, April 22, 2023

My husband, the hero!

 So there we were, at the hotel, eating breakfast, and we noticed a young couple 
out the window who were fighting with each other.
It was a little disturbing and uncomfortable since they
were literally right in front of the restaurant windows.
Then out of nowhere, a patrol car came zooming up on the curb, and
a cop stepped out and up to the couple.
Another cop car followed the first, and a lady officer approached the
fighting couple. They seemed very put off and were yelling.
Seconds later, the boy kid got in the cop's face, and then out of nowhere
pushed him, then the cop tried to grab his arms, AND then the kid
punched the cop in the face, and the cop was NOT happy about that
and he hit him back, and then they hit each other a few more
times before the cop wrestled him to the ground with the help of the 
other lady officer.  
By this time, everyone in the hotel restaurant was glued to the windows
oohing and ahhing with every move (including my family).
The boy was acting crazy, yelling and screaming, and he wouldn't
hold still, I could hear the cop yelling to him to STOP RESISTING,
but he wouldn't, and everyone in the hotel was watching the scene
like they were watching an episode of Cops.
"Oh, he better quit because he's gonna get tazed."
"Dude, stop; the cop is stronger than you!"
and so on...
Then the lady cop who was now keeping the girlfriend back
 saw him struggling with the boy on the ground and ran 
over to help the other cop, who clearly needed it.
I don't get it; this boy was like 100 pounds but was crazy
and flopped around the flower bed/gravel like a fish out of water.
Then out of the corner of my eye, another figure ran over to the boy's legs
to help hold him down. I looked at him, and in my head, I was like,
Hey, I know that guy.
Seriously, for like 2 seconds, it didn't register that that figure was Christian, 
who, at some point, while watching the fight,
 felt inclined to run outside and assist the cops, 
who were happy to have him there holding this kid's feet down.
The Nies were like,
"What the heck is Dad doing??"
I was like, I don't even know, but I got my phone out and took a photo of him.
My husband, the hero!
After that event, we walked outside and parted ways with Claire.
It was really hard for me.
I felt guilty leaving my darling girl.
I felt sad to have to say goodbye.
But we planned to have her out to visit us in North Carolina in June.
I am counting down the days!
In the airport, Gigs transferred the 11 scorpions he had caught
into water bottles for safe travels to the East Coast.
He's done this before, as you'll recall, and miraculously 
he still has a few of that crop in his scorpion farm.
Then there was a lady in the TSA line who fell down and couldn't get up.
People were walking past her, and I was shocked.
How could you do that? (The Good Samaritan, anyone??)
Christian picked her up while I picked up her purse and other belongings.
My husband, the hero!
We landed in Salt Lake City for our layover (and Cafe Rio for dinner),
only to find out that our flight was canceled and the next flight would
be tomorrow at 5:00.
Our luggage had already gone on to Raleigh, so we had nothing
but the clothes we had been wearing.
It was late, so we grabbed dinner and headed to the hotel with plans to
 visit Temple Square and other fun church sites while waiting for our flight.
We're hoping to see Sister Jones!!
To end the night, Chrisitan managed to get us all toothbrushes.
My husband, the hero!

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