Friday, April 09, 2021

Saying Goodbye to Jane/ Going Home

Finally, the time had come to end our almost 14-day
Spring break trip.
We said our farewells to the Jones family and thanked them for such
a wonderful trip. They took such good care of us and treated us with so 
much love and hospitality.  They truly are my favorite people in the world.
We jumped in the Navigator, (which will stay in Arizona with Jane),
and she drove us to the airport.
Christian sat up front in the driver's seat to help navigate us while 
Jane was at the wheel.
Since her decision to move to Arizona Jane has felt a little brush of anxiety.
Some of the contributing factors include the worry of driving in AZ,
 and being homesick.
You could tell she was a little uneasy as she drove 
55 on the 75 mph freeway.
And there was one incident when a turn came up a little too soon 
for comfort and Christian was telling her to get over and she was yelling,
  "NO DAD, I can't do this, I hate this, I hate this!!!",
followed by tears and silence in the car.
If she was in a sad mood before, 
now she was in an anxious and sad mood mixed with a little bit of anger.
I told her not to worry that she handled that situation
very well, and if that ever happens again, 
do exactly what she did, and not to ever swerve the car.
She answered back:
"I know, MOM!"
Deep inside I was really worried.  Not that she can't drive, but that I won't
be around to help comfort and love her when she feels lost and scared.
Then we tearfully said our goodbyes at the airport then waved her off.  
She drove our 12-year-old "familygator" off until we couldn't see her anymore.
I have an app on my phone where I can stalk follow her through her phone
and see where she is at all times.
It's saved me!  Sometimes I just turn it on to see a little red dot move around 
the Joneses house, or I can tell if she's in the car driving around.
After I let her go I wondered what in the heck am I doing?  
Both Claire AND Jane are gone.  GONE!  It's sad for me, and I feel
like crying a lot.  
We flew home without any issues, and luckily it was a non-stop flight.
Gigs' four scorpions he and the Jones boys caught the night before
in the dark with a black light made it peacefully and successfully home, too.
We called for an Uber to pick us up from the airport.
We got home and I immediately started the laundry and made beans.
We had burritos for dinner, watched a movie in bed, tucked Lottie into
Jane's bed with Gigs in Claire's bed, and then comforted
 Oliver who was really sad about Jane being gone.
"She won't be getting up at 6:30 for seminary with me anymore."
It was harder on him than I imagined.
Christian wrapped up his eye to reduce swelling.  He says it doesn't hurt,
but it sure looks like it does!  Now he looks like a civil war soldier!
Then we all went to bed.
I know Jane is in the BEST HANDS possible. 
 She's going to have so much fun, too!

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