Thursday, April 08, 2021

Last Day/ Barre3/Saguaro Lake.

On the morning of our last 14-day spring break adventure, Christian, Jane, 
and I took a Barre3 class in Chandler.  It felt so nice to be in the studio again! 
The Barre3 studio in Chapel Hill has been closed for over a year. 
 (Only online classes and masked in-studio, thanks. 
I can hardly breathe without a mask on.).
Christian casually asked the owner, who happened to be there, 
if they were hiring, and she said YES!  
Then we introduced Jane to her, and she got an application!  I was so excited! 
Jane has been looking for a job in Arizona for months now.  
She doesn't just want any job; she wants a good job that she will be
excited to get up and go to work.  This is one of those jobs!
She has an in-person interview next week. 
In the afternoon, Spencer took us in their new boat to
 Saguaro Lake for a day on the water. 
It was so much fun to cliff-jump with the boys (and Lottie).
I got to the top of the cliff with all the boys and got a little scared to jump.
Then Riggs looked at me and said, 
"You've survived a plane crash; you can do this!!"
It's just what I needed to jump away!
We swam, tubed, and laughed like crazy until
Chrisitan bonked his eye with the end of the wakeboard on his last run.
I caused a giant swollen bump which turned into a bad black eye.
We grabbed burgers (veggie for us) for dinner,
and I went on one last Target run with Jane (it was like 9:50)
to grab sheets, towels, a mirror, and some other items.
My heart was sad, and I felt exhausted thinking of packing
our stuff up and heading home without Jane.

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