Saturday, April 10, 2021

Enjoy the desk, Lod!

 One of the first things Lottie accomplished after returning home 
from our spring break trip was moving Claire's desk that she used for her
home MTC into her room.
When we bought the desk for Claire in January, Lottie asked me if she could 
have it after Claire left on her mission.
I told her that Jane would probably want it since it was in her room.
Lottie seemed bummed out about it but understood.
On the plane ride coming home from Arizona
 (WITHOUT Jane), Lottie leaned over to me and said,
"Mom, can I have the desk since Jane is gone now, too?"
Hesitantly the next day, I moved the desk into Lottie's room.
Then I found a sticky note on the top of the desk.
It was from Claire before she had left.
"Enjoy the desk."
and Lottie wrote: "I can't enjoy it without you!"
I started to cry.
But this was the plan all along, and I didn't even know it.
Tonight Lottie sat at the desk, 
(and in the kitchen...there are plies everywhere!)
and got to work on a "sister scrapbook" project.
Charlotte will take up a few pages in this new scrapbook
 then send it to Jane in Arizona, who will create
a few more pages, then send it to Claire in New Hampshire, who will
I will have time to make a few pages, too.
Then Claire will send it back to Lottie, and they'll do it all over again
for who knows how long.  
It's the cutest!


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