Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Nicholas spends most of his days creating habitats for all of his critters;
scorpions from Arizona, cockroaches, three frogs, 
a beautiful beetle, and the occasional lizard.  Plus Fern his hedgehog. 
He has about 10 Tupperwares filled with habitats crowding his room.
(Oliver is thrilled about it).
Often he'll included Lottie in the projects, but they just end up
fighting about who gets what critters and it drives me crazy.
For our botany unit in school, we read about a
that is STILL thriving today!  Gigs was so impressed and intrigued
with this idea that together we got supplies for him to make his own.
He planted it in a glass jar with dirt, rocks, coal, soil, and plants.  
He sealed it up and we've loved watching it thrive!
He's really got a thing for critters and plants.
Each night we watch him feed his scorpions with crickets under a black light.
I love watching him explore this incredible world!

And he's a natural at it!

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