Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Reading with Filters

Before Jane left to Arizona she and Gigs were reading every day together.
It was something that lifted a huge
 burden off my shoulders since I was juggling homeschool
 with Gigs and virtual school with Lottie.
(And my church responsibility).
Jane is the reader in the family.  
Claire likes to read too, but Jane is a beast! 
 I swear she can read a book in one sitting.
Last month Gigs and Jane began reading the Harry Potter series.
Even though Jane is 2000 miles away, the beautiful world of facetime has again blessed our lives.
Each day around 1:00 (when it's 10:00 in AZ) she and Gigs read together.
One day I walked in to find Gigs curled up on the couch with the
 second Harry Potter book and his phone.
I went a little closer to see that Jane 
was reading to him while he followed along.
I looked closer, they both had some sweet filters on while reading.
I don't know how they can read without dying.

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