Thursday, April 15, 2021

Is This Thing Still On?

 Attention, tap, tap, this thing still on?  
Is anyone out there?
Since we broke up in February
I've been having a "wrestle" with my choice to stop writing
and sharing with the (often grouchy and critical)!
For the past few months, Christian and I 
have been working with the Arizona Burn Foundation on some very cool
projects, and I've been going back to my blog archives
to retrieve photos and stories from the past.
As I've been reading the old posts,
 I've felt so much gratitude for the lessons I've learned,
the people I've met, the service I was given,
and that I was able to continue to write 
during some of the most challenging days of my life.

I've decided to post a few things here and there.
Like...Ollie is going on his first date soon, Jane has moved out 
of the state, Mr. Nielson has a HUGE black eye,
Claire is serving a mission and having 
THE BEST missionary experiences (and I can't NOT share),
 and Jesus is the Savior of the world!

I just saw this!  I'm honored!!

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