Saturday, April 17, 2021

You should see the other guy

Oliver was sweet enough to run a few errands with me last week.
I drove him to the high school to pick up Jane's graduation gown packet!
Jane obviously won't be home to attend her graduation ceremony, 
but last January, when she finished her final high school class,
 she was out of there, never to look back.  Just like Claire.
and I intend to do the same thing for Jane 
when she comes back home in the summer.
Mr. Nielson's eye is healing up slowly.  When people ask him what happened, 
he tells them he went to Tiajuana for Spring Break, followed by,
 "you should see the other guy."  
When they ask me about it, I tell them he forgot our anniversary.
(Dad jokes)
But really, he got it wakeboarding in Arizona.
Life is different, with more boys than girls in the house.
We, Marco Polo Jane, say goodnight each night before bed.
We don't want her to miss out on anything.
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