Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Monkey Bars

When Claire was in Kindergarten she came home one day with 
I was shocked. Was the teacher mistaken? 
This couldn't be for my straight as an arrow Claire!
But apparently, Claire had asked to use the restroom and on her way back
 to class she noticed that the playground was completely empty.
This was her chance to conquer the monkey bars with 
no one looking, and with no lines, either.
After a while, another teacher noticed the lonely Claire outside and
 escorted her back to class where her teacher was not happy!
 As a result, she got a RED ticket for breaking the rules.
I looked at Claire who was crying.
In between sobs she said to me, 
"But I did it, mom. I did it! I did the whole monkey bars by myself."
Claire has lived her whole life doing things under the radar with no one watching.
Now she's serving the Lord quietly and confidently in New Hampshire
 sharing His message of peace and hope.
She's not serving a mission because it's cool, or because she has nothing better to do. 
She's serving because she loves the Lord, 
and has dedicated her life FOR HIM!
Go, Claire, Go!

It's nice to be back gathering with our church family 
attending church together.
(Even though we are missing Claire and Jane).
Today I was able to watch Claire speak in her ward in New Hampshire
over Zoom!  How cool is that?
 She did a fantastic job.
She spoke about life's challenges and how the through
the Savior we can find peace in our trials.
She began her talk by referencing our airplane accident.
It's been really neat to see how her experiences with that 
event have shaped and strengthened her in ways I didn't even know
or understand.  
She quoted Elder Dale G. Renlund's talk several times:
"Some unfairness cannot be explained; inexplicable unfairness is infuriating.
 Unfairness comes from living with bodies that are imperfect, injured, or diseased. 
Mortal life is inherently unfair. Some people are born in affluence; 
others are not. Some have loving parents; others do not. 
Some live many years; others, few. And on and on and on.
I testify that the Savior lives. He understands unfairness...
The marks in the palms of His hands continually remind Him of you and your circumstances. 
He ministers to you in all your distress. 
For those who come unto Him, a crown of beauty will replace 
the ashes of mourning; joy and gladness will replace grief and sorrow; 
appreciation and celebration will replace discouragement and despair.
 Your faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be rewarded
 more than you can imagine. 
All unfairness—especially infuriating unfairness
—will be consecrated for your gain."

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