Friday, April 21, 2023

Claire's new place

 This morning we loaded up the car and moved Claire out of the 
Jones's basement to her new apartment in
downtown Mesa (near the Mesa temple and the Lazona house!
How cute is that!!).
We're just waiting for her prince charming to come and move
her out of the apartment. (Haha, but really though).

We're so excited for her- she has a wonderful roommate who works
in the medical field, too, and has a cute little puppy
who Lottie googled over.
But Claire and her roommate are like ships in the night since
Claire predominantly works 
12-hour night shifts three times a week and another job
at Barre3 on the other days.
She's wonder woman to me! 
Her strength and fortitude to take on these 
huge responsibilities amaze me!!!
AND she just finished her first semester in nursing school.
 This afternoon, we all stood around her in the kitchen
as she signed the contract for the apartment, and we all clapped.
WHEW! Go, Claire, GO!
We grabbed her dinner (ok, Arizona is amazing!  
There are places (good places) to eat
at any corner on any street at any given hour...God bless Arizona!), 
and a drink and cookie at Swig, then
dropped her off at work just in time for her 7-7 shift in the burn center.
I still can't believe she works there! It's just sooo cool!
I'm sad to have to leave tomorrow.
I wish I was around to help her decorate her little space,
to shop for food to stock in her fridge, bedding for her bed, and 
stuff like that! Giving her money isn't as much fun as being with her!
I'm telling you now, it will be hard to say goodbye to her tomorrow.

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