Thursday, April 20, 2023

Courage Rising World Premiere!

 Tonight along with our climbing group (8 burn survivors),
burn team (medical staff, doctors, nurses, therapists, techs, etc.),
the K2 team (Kevin, Kelly, Kristin, and Josh (who helped us get to the top),
our children (Claire, Gigs & Lottie), parents (both sets!),
 and friends (Jones family),
we watched the grand premiere of COURAGE RISING!
It. Was. Epic!
There were a lot of sniffles and hand-holding.
I sat by Lottie, who leaned over at one point during the film
and asked me why I had her after the accident.
It was such a sweet moment for me.
I know she knows some of the hardships I went through, but seeing it
on-screen up close and personal was a whole different level.
"Because I knew you were up there waiting to join our family.
We weren't complete without you!"
I whispered to her.
"I'm so glad, Mom."
Followed by, "Tell me when there are bad parts."
I had warned my children that there were some very graphic photos
of me and Christian. Some images they have never seen.
In fact, no one had.
I requested them from the police department of the city where we crashed.
Photos of us right after the accident, the plane on fire, and first responders.
They are fascinating photos but very graphic and scary.

After the film, we took millions of photos and connected
with the medical staff who had come to support us.
We gave millions of hugs, shed lots of tears, and went
to grab dinner at a yummy taco stand with my parents.
I was DYING for a Dr. Pepper!

What a beautiful night!!!
One I'll never ever forget!
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