Wednesday, April 19, 2023


This evening Christian and I met up with the rest of the climbers, 
and team to preview the Courage Rising film.
It was VERY emotional.
It was so well done!  I really, REALLY hope it will be picked up
by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or one of those services,
Everyone should see it!
It's so inspiring!!
I sat in front of my burn surgeon, Dr. Foster, and just cried
and hugged him throughout the film.
HE is INCREDIBLE, and being a part of that team was just 
overwhelming and beautiful.
Christian and I are so excited to show our children, family,
and friends tomorrow all fancied up!
Claire met up with us after her shift at the burn center, and my parents
rolled in from driving from Utah to be here for this event!
Happy day!
Gigs spent his day in the hotel parking lot
garage while he flew his drone around (and through our legs).

Also,.....we went to LGO again.  
Those cookies, though...

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