Tuesday, March 21, 2023


This morning we woke up all stuffed downstairs in the
 Joneses basement-turned apartment for Claire.
The Joneses are THE BEST friends for letting us bunk up with them
every time we visit Arizona, which seems like almost every month
recently!  They are so easy to be with; they're just an extension
of our family (literally, since Spencer and I are cousins).
We're looking for a place for Claire, but living with the
Joneses has been a huge blessing for her.
And we're not sure we can ever thank them enough, not just for 
this favor, but for SO MANY things!!

We visited Swig one last time, ate more good Mexican food, 
and drove around looking at houses and how much the valley
continues to grow!  We listened to story after story from Christian about
when he was a kid and the time his horse, Tiki, "bit straight through."
his tongue during a long-distant ride 
with his friend, Cody.
"We limped into the Circle K gas station, where I called grandpa
there was blood everywhere..."
(With a pay phone. This was in 1996).
The gas station still stands but is in the middle of suburban life with
hundreds of houses and businesses surrounding it.
"There was nothing, NOTHING out here!"

Be careful; one day, you'll wake up and find yourself  
talking to your kids like 
your parents and grandparents spoke to you when you were young
and they were old, and then that's when 
you'll realize: YOU ARE OLD,
 and there is nothing you can do about it.
(I still feel like this girl, though!)

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