Monday, March 20, 2023

Hans by Candlelight

 A few months ago, Claire sent me a text about a concert 
happening in Arizona while we are visiting.
It was the best of Hans Zimmer in candlelight, 
which would be played at the pavilion in the Phoenix Zoo!
That meant the concert was it was going to be surrounded
by hundreds of candles. How romantic, how charming, how HYGGE!!
It was right up our alley!
(We were also surrounded by tons of exotic birds, 
and just knowing the lions were around the corner
next to the alligators near the pond was thrilling!).
I promptly bought tickets, and tonight we attended.
It didn't disappoint. It was beautiful, and I admit, I cried
during the first few seconds of the first song they played because
it was from Inception and:
1. I love LOVE that music and movie.
2. It reminds me so much of Ollie. He LOVED that music!
He LOVES Hans Zimmer!!

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