Wednesday, March 22, 2023

New Shoes

Today felt like it was 48 hours long.
We left Arizona at 3:30 AM to make our 6:00 AM flight to Florida
where we sat in the airport for NINE HOURS!
What does one do for NINE HOURS in an airport?
Well, we ate crap food and slept on the mattress that Christian brought
(Thank you, honey!!) 
I read TWO books that I bought at the airport store.
We also watched a few movies, and I had a nap or two.
We finally flew home, and our plane landed in Raleigh at 1:00 AM.
We took the shuttle to our car to discover it had a flat tire, so at 2:00 AM,
we called an Uber to pick me, Lottie, and Gigs up while Christian 
waited for the tow truck (which NEVER CAME).
Around 2:45, we got home, everyone showered, and I turned on my mattress
heater, kissed Gigs and Lottie goodnight, then waited in my bed for Christian.
Around 3:45 AM, he called me saying the 
tow truck guy never showed up and he at driven
 5 miles an hour to the nearest tire store, where
he parked the car until the morning when they could fix it.
I got out of my cozy bed and picked him up 45 minutes away.
Around 4:45 AM, we finally fell into our beds just in time for the alarm
to go off at 5:45 AM for seminary.
We snoozed all alarms and took a mental health day.
Around noon I made a quick grocery list since we had ZERO
food in our house.  Christian and I left Lottie and Gigs sleeping in their
beds while we picked up groceries, checked on our car parked at the
tire store (it turns out it needs a new tire, so we opted to get all new "shoes"
for the car), then picked up fries and shakes from Chick-fil-A for dinner,
or was it lunch?  I honestly don't even know. 
My mind is fuzzy.

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