Monday, March 27, 2023

DOGgone good kids

This afternoon after school, Lottie brought her little pink typewriter
into the kitchen from her desk in her room (with a photo of Ollie nearby),
 and wrote Oliver a letter while I made dinner.
I'm amazed she has the patience to sit and type
button by button, clank, clank, clank until half the page was filled
with a special love letter.
She told him how she was doing and about her 11th 
birthday party in a week; she told him about her friends, the mama cows,
and that mom STILL can't wash his bed sheets.
(I'm giving myself until spring break, which is next week).
She also referenced a few inside jokes about some cartoons they
watched together growing up.
I am so pleased watching the spring blossoms pop on the trees outside.
The Dogwood tree in the field looks like it's covered in snow!
The Dogwood is North Carolina's state tree, and for good reason, they are EVERYWHERE!  
And they are so beautiful!
We had a nice chat with Jane in Portugal today.
She's experiencing missionary feelings of inadequacies and challenges 
with a few of her relationships, but all in all, learning, growing, and stretching
herself, and relying on the Savoir to carry her and help her to develop into
a wonderful woman and missionary.
She's doing it!
I am SO PROUD of my adult-sized hardworking Nies!
Claire-bear in Arizona:

And, of course, my darling boy, Elder Nielson, in Brazil:

I'm just so doggone proud!

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