Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Planets and branches

Yesterday after dinner, Lottie pulled on her rainbow boots and went
outside to the fields to wander around in the pleasant evening.
I love when she does that.
We were all on the lookout to catch the planetary alignment
 spectacle happening in the sky for the next few nights.
Across the field from the kitchen window is a single dogwood tree.
I've watched the tree become more brilliant with pure white blossoms.
Last week, I snipped a branch for my dining room table, and today wanted to replenish
them since they are slowly fading, 
so Gigs and I joined Lottie in the field.
Evenings at Stillestead are so magical, and when the last of 
the sun disappeared, we waited for the stars to pop out to reveal 
this much-anticipated alignment, we saw plenty of stars but no planets.
I think we may have too many trees surrounding the property
and making it hard to see further away.
Tomorrow we'll find a new spot and hopefully catch this 
beautiful space delight!

And, thanks to my tall Gigs, 
I got another beautiful bunch of dogwood branches!


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