Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jane in Portugal: March 2023

 What has Sister Nielson been up to, you ask?

Olá queridos amigos! 
My mom has been getting after me about not writing my weekly emails. 
(There's just not enough hours in the day, Mom! 🙄😉)
But I know I will regret not having these email journals one day,
 so shoutout to Mom for reminding me every week to write an email, kkk
Thanks, Mom; love you! 😘😜

This week was muito boa!! 🤑👌🏻
I was transferred! I served in Aveiro for two transfers and absolutely loved it! 
The ward was so good and supportive of us missionaries, 
I learned a little Spanish *🇻🇪🇵🇪*,
 and the work there was BLESSED 😇 🌊
But when it was my time to go, I was ready.
Now I am serving with Sister Evans in Linda-a-Velha! 🌸

Sister Evans is my kindred spirit! We laugh at the same things, 
have similar interests, and even discovered that we have some of the same clothes! 🤭 🍓
Presidente Barcellos and God were inspired to put us together for this transfer. 🙏
I love Linda-a-Velha! 💕
The ward is small (like 30 members who are consistently there little),
 and I love it! 
I have thought a lot lately about some of my life experiences
 that have pushed me to be here on the mission. 
And I think my time spent frequenting small congregations at 
home prepared me to serve and give in this little sacred space, 
this little church congregation, here. 🥰
I am so grateful to be here! And I am so excited! 
We have our work cut out for us in this area, 
but I can already see, Linda-A-Velha is going to 🔥🤑
Por favor, pray for us! 
I love being so close to Lisbon during this season and summer! 
We walk the cobblestone streets of this city, and in the evening,
 everything is golden and warm and breezy, 
and the air smells like orange blossoms. 🍊🤍
We have weekly planning on the lawn in front of the Torre de Belém -
 pastel de nata in hand. 💙☺️
Am I living in a dream?!
We are whitewashing this area! Well, actually, pinkwashing - 
so we inherited the apartment from the elders.
This means we found:
-A whole fish wrapped in plastic wrap in the freezer 🐟
-A pull up bar 💪 (new transfer goal?? 👀)
-The lights in our bedroom were rewired to be red and
 blue disco lights and ONLY red and blue disco lights. 
Don't know how to fix that. 🕺💃
-Cupboards full of empty food boxes 📦
-5 jars of opened peanut butter 🥜
-Lots of photos of Cristiano Ronaldo 😍
Besides these things, the apartment wasn't too bad. 
Good job, elders 👏🏻
Boa Páscoa! 🌸
I feel so immensely grateful for my Savior and His sacrifice for me 
- especially at this Easter time.
I know that Jesus Christ came.
He lived a perfect life.
He is the perfect example for us.
I know that He suffered for all of our sins and sadness.
I know that He died for us because He loves us.
I testify that Jesus is THE way.
And I KNOW that HE LIVES! 
I love this beautiful work. 
To show people that THEY have a loving Redeemer who already saved them. 
They (we) just need to accept Him - to follow Him.
Choose to follow Him with your whole heart this week! It will be powerful!

Love you all! 
Até próxima 👀✌🏻

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