Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Trio

 Tonight we hosted our missionaries over for dinner.
I made spicy Indian food, but they didn't seem to mind since
they both had a few bowls full.
How cool was it to have THREE set-apart missionaries at my table!
Toward the end of the meal, we pretended we were a family they were
teaching, and they including Ollie- er, Elder Nielson, taught us about 
  It was fantastic, and even though this is only
Ollie's second day in home MTC, he was on fire!  I could see the spirit
shine out of his face.  It was real!  I was so impressed!
It made me want to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ, 
be kinder, be nicer, be bolder, and be more selfless.
This is what the love of Christ can do to others.
This is why I am so proud of my missionary children-
 for sharing this message with others! 
They all left and went to teach the weekly English class
I stayed home and painted Lottie's nails
the colors of Brazil and braided Gigs' hair so it would be wavy when
he woke up. It looks frizzy to me, but whatever.

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