Monday, February 27, 2023

Home MTC, baby cows, and a robber mask

Today was Elder Nielson's first day at home MTC.
What an exciting day, what a busy day!
His day is Zoom calls ALL DAY!
He starts at 9:00 am and ends at 9:00. Whew!
He has a few 5-minute breaks to hit a few balls 
with the golf club for Angus to retrieve and grab something to snack on.
I couldn't help but sneak a photo of him while he was working away
in the office. (Notice his helmet on the bed- can't go anywhere without it.)
Then while I was eating lunch, one of THE COWS HAD A BABY
It was incredible.  
Then I noticed some purchases on my Amazon account that I clearly did NOT
make: fingerboard wheels and a robber mask were just a few items.
I sent Gigs a text asking him what these were, 
and he sent me back a smiling face emoji.  
We read scriptures tonight with Lottie's microphone she got for Christmas,
and Gigs did his homework with the robber mask on.
What a day!

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