Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Nighttime Kiss.

 Tonight was a special night in the sky, it was the
Venus-Jupiter "conjunction" — that's what astronomers call it.
 "Venus is passing Jupiter as they both orbit the sun.
So, as the orbits pass, they'll appear to be about .5 degrees 
apart from our earthly vantage point. 
That means the two planets will be separated by the width of a
 pencil eraser held up at arms' length in the sky."
All I know is that it looked brilliant!

And while you're looking up, try something new. 
Pause for a moment and focus on how extraordinary the universe is. 
How far away these planets are. How mysterious they are. 
And how small you are."
(I love that advice!)
Gigs, Lottie (in her rollerskates), and I went outside and enjoyed
this beautiful sight together.

MTC Day 3:

Happy 110 birthday to my Nana Aurora!!!

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