Thursday, December 08, 2022

Vaccinations for Ollie


This evening, Lottie and I joined Ollie at the clinic, where he received 
several mandatory vaccinations in preparation for his mission 
in February.  He was a champ, especially since he's not fond
of needles.  Last year when he tried to give blood at school, he fainted.
But the good news of that story was all the attention given to him
by the lady friends, including the sweet nurses who gave him cookies
and orange juice to get him back on his feet.
Slowly we are getting all his mission to-do list checked off.

I've also been so impressed that Clane both did pretty much
EVERYTHING themselves to get ready for their missions.
I know Ollie is younger than the girls when they were preparing
for their missions, but I've had to do a lot of 
hand-holding with Ollie, but really, I don't mind.

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