Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Fake Bacon.

This morning Claire and I went to Barre class, followed by an early lunch
at Whole Foods for their delicious fake bacon 
and (real) cheese and avocado sandwich.
Chrisitan joined us later since he was already in Chapel Hill for work.
 We talked to Claire about her big new life
opportunities and, of course, boys.  She wants a boy in her life.
I want her to have one, too!
Lunch and discussion were followed by a yummy-looking festive 
cupcake with thick amounts of frosting on top. 
 I love frosting with all my heart, and I couldn't
pass up this super cute - but, sadly, super gross treat.
It was disgusting, and I only had a few bites, but Claire
took about 500 photos of me picking at it.
No one else would have a taste of it, not even a nibble.
Don't you hate when you're the only one at the table eating a dessert?
Instead, I got myself a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie,
and everyone wanted a bite of that.
Here is just a sampling:

That's all.

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