Friday, December 09, 2022


 I feel so lucky that out my window, the cows meander around.  
It's so beautiful and calming to my soul.
I committed to myself and my family to
 have a very low-key, family-oriented month of December.
We're saying no to most parties, holiday gatherings, and/or extra stuff.
I'm not a scrooge; I'm just protecting our family time.
(And a little introverted).
This is a sacred time for us as it's Ollie's last Christmas home
before his mission and Claire's, too, before heading to Arizona 
for work and school.
So this weekend, we're ordering in, making Hygge-pudding,
 coconut hot chocolate, and watching movies.
The girls and I are cutting paper snowflakes to put in our windows upstairs.
We're Hyggy-ing it up this weekend, doing nothing 
but doing it together.

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