Saturday, December 10, 2022

Our hearts will always be restless until they rest in God.

This morning as Lottie and I were getting in the car to take
her to school, I snapped a few photos of Christian,
who was coming in after feeding the cows.
He's got his mamas on the best diet of delicious grass and
a yummy supplement that smells like syrup and oatmeal.
I hope our children see how hard Christian works
and how dedicated he is to his work, his family, and to the Lord.
Life is hard, stressful, overwhelming and
lately, we've been reminded of how important it is to rely on the 
Lord, for the sweet reassurance of hope.
"The sweet simplicity involved in discovering this gift of hope 
is that you don't have to search for it; you don't have to run
 around chasing after it; you don't, and you can't manufacture it. 
Like so much in the realm of grace, you won't acquire it by leaning
 on your own strength or on that of another person. 
There are no secret formulas or any magical mantras involved. 
It won't come from deep breathing exercises (valuable as they are) 
or by reading another book on how to find happiness.

In fact, the part we play is important but actually very small; 
God has the larger portion of the task. Our part is to come unto 
Him in lowliness and simplicity, we should not worry and fear not.
 Why so simple? Because behind everything Christ
 taught—in every scripture, story, and parable—is the promise that with God,
 "all things are possible," the promise that God's power
 can wipe away every tear.
 We must let go of personal desperation and seek rest in the Lord.
So we come before Him with meekness and lowliness of heart
 to receive the blessings of His unceasing love. 
Our trust is to be like that of a little child, or a little lamb, 
which we actually are in His grand flock.

Our hearts will always be restless until they rest in God."


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