Sunday, December 11, 2022

Jane in Portugal: December 2022.

What is Jane up to in Protgual in December?
Read on!

I love being in this country during the world cup! 
We're rooting for Brazil and, of course, Portugal!
It is so much fun! Any time we pass a restaurant or bar 
we peek in the windows and check up on the score -
 just keeping tabs on these games.
Yesterday we walked to the chapel and passed a man on the street. 
I had a feeling in my heart that we needed to talk to him 
but we had already passed by, and now it was awkward. 
The further we got away from him, the stronger this feeling became 
until we finally turned around, and I yelled, "wait!" and ran back up to him.
We started talking together and discovered his name is José,
 and he is new to the area - he is so cool! 
We taught him about/gave him a Book of Mormon and invited 
him to the Christmas party on Saturday. 
Then we headed back to the chapel.
About 10 minutes later, the elders arrived,
 so we told them about our fabulous new friend José! 
They asked what he looked like and then proceeded to describe José perfectly. 
It turns out that about 10 minutes after we met him, 
the elders passed him on the street, too, 
and saw that he was carrying The Book of Mormon!
I believe that the Lord put José in our path because 
he really needed to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 
And just in case we didn't follow the feeling of talking to him 
(which almost happened!), he put the elders on the same path as a backup.
It was a tender moment and reminded me that this is the Lord's work, 
and He orchestrates it all beautifully. 
We spent Christmas Eve at the laundry was quiet and 
we were all alone. 
It was a good week; this work Is good, 
the Lord is good, and I am grateful for Jesus.
Merry Christmas!!
*Things that I love or remind me of home: 
(and/or temped to buy)
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