Sunday, December 18, 2022

Cards and Puzzels

This Christmas, I bought a puzzle to keep on the table
for us to work on throughout the break,
but it was only there a day before we (not me) put it together.
I may not participate in putting the puzzle together, and will 
admit that I've been known to hide a piece so that when it's 
almost all done; I can put the last piece in.

While the puzzle and movies commenced, I put together our
Christmas cards.  I only put together a handful of them before becoming
terribly distracted by Lord of the Rings 
(we always watch this series at Christmas),
then I only sent out that handful and didn't finish the rest,
and I didn't even feel bad about it.
And that also means that I'll be using all the Christmas stamps 
I bought for the cards until July- at least!
I think I'm over Christmas cards.
There are many reasons for this decision; I'll leave it at that.
But here is this year's (and maybe last) Nielson Christmas card:

Christmas break, here we come!

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