Monday, December 19, 2022

Luminaries to Stillestead

The driveway journey to Stillestead is long... 1,500 feet, to be exact.
When touring the property last summer, I immediately 
envisioned our luminaries lighting the driveway at Christmastime.
(I have one of those brains).
Today we finally got around to getting them set up.
Christian rigged up the power source, which, as it turns out, was quite the 
process since we had to order special extension cords to extend from 
the power source outside to the driveway.
 I set up the luminaries, and Lottie put fresh lightbulbs in each light.
And the boys, well, the boys,
 ran around having an airsoft gunfight in full armor.
Welcome, Christmas break!!
I only have enough luminaries to light 3/4ths of the driveway,
 so I'll buy two more sets each year.  
Hopefully, by 2025 the whole driveway will be lit. 

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