Saturday, December 17, 2022

Hygge it out.

 Every Nie at Stillestead is sick, well, except for me.
That's convenient for everyone and also a blessing for me.
  Lethargic, sleepy, and achy, 
with headaches and other flu-like symptoms, is what's going down here.
Lottie had to miss her Winter break party on Friday because she
woke up so sick.  She's been so disappointed!
We've been laying low since after the Nutcracker on Thursday
when everyone started to feel feel symptoms.
(more on the ballet soon).
So we're going to "Hygge it out" until we feel better.
Christmas is approaching so fast, and I hope to get caught up on my blog 
(Still trying to catch up from October, if you haven't noticed).
I hope we shake the nasty sickies off before then, too.
I'm almost done Christmas shopping.  The week before
Christmas is always special and busy as I prepare for lots of
cooking, wrapping, picture book reading, and movie-watching.
So happy Christmas break is officially begun!


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