Friday, August 26, 2022

We're Trying.

 This morning I woke up early and took Angus for a walk around Stillestead.
It was quiet and humid and so beautiful!
I prayed as I walked, thanking God for leading our family to this area.
We love it here; we're so happy.
We're trying; we're working hard at being faithful and strong as a family
and we're closer and happier as we try together.
I got back and found Lottie on the porch swing waiting for me.
I sat by her, and we swang, waiting for the sun to shine
through the trees.
The boys are camping this weekend, and Claire, Lottie, 
and I are going to grab dinner, then come home and
 watch American Girl Doll movies in my bed later this evening.
If I can stay awake.  Sheesh, lately, if I sit down, I fall asleep.
I feel old.
But I've been working hard on the house.
 It's go, go, go from the second the sun wakes up to 
the time it sinks below the fields behind the house.
I also feel this while raising my family.
It's always go-time around here, and I've got to be ready and prepared.
Nothing is better than laying my head on my pillow after a full, busy day
feeling satisfied and proud of my efforts.

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