Thursday, August 25, 2022


 It was Back to School night at Lottie's elementary school!
She's been waiting for this day since the beginning of the month!
We walked to the 5th-grade hall and found her name on the
 teacher's door, whom she was soooooo hoping to get!
She was both relieved and excited!!

She is the oldest in the school and will be in Middle School next year.
That's mind-boggling since she's my baby!
(The Nies STILL asked me to have another baby!
Shaaa, right!)

On the way home, I got a phone call from our local Post Office.
It was Mrs. Moon who was letting me know that there was a package
that had been sitting there for almost five days.
It was addressed to Nicholas.
She told me it was "hissing," and it occasionally moves.
She asked me if I'd please come pick it up.  Like, NOW!

Nicholas was so excited when I walked in the door with the small box.
Minutes later, he pulled out about ten giant hissing cockroaches.
This is the only downside of Gigs having a job; he buys stuff like this!

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