Saturday, August 27, 2022

Summers End

 The last week Lottie has been attending a ballet camp, and today she
ended the camp with a performance.  
I think she was most excited to wear the black swan costume.
She's so elegant and graceful.
I'm glad she did this little camp.  
I admit I've been feeling so guilty this summer break.
We've had so much change, moving, remodeling,
living in hotels, and then Jane leaving.
It's been a lot of change.
She's been remarkable through it all!
I'm so proud of her
Now we gear up for school!!!!
I can't believe that's already happening.
Things are starting to settle down at Stillestead, finally!
We're finally living with TWO bathrooms, whaooo!
The master bathroom is still under construction, and we're waiting
for our front door to be delivered, I think that will change the whole
look of the house.
Tonight I made peach cobbler to celebrate the weekend!
In late July and all throughout August, I make this 
cobbler at least once a week.

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