Monday, August 29, 2022

First Day of School 2022

Today was the first day of school for the Nies!!
Oliver is a senior
Nicholas is a sophomore
Lottie is a 5th grader.
Everyone got up bright and early, and Gigs put on his cut-off sweats.
The boys don't care anymore.  At least Ollie combed his hair.
The boys will drive themselves to school
 (and early morning seminary starting at 6:20),
and I will drive Lottie to school.
(Ollie sent this to me from the bathroom)

We've got a great system down from previous years, but since
moving to Stillestead, it's about 20  minutes longer everywhere we go,
so we'll have to wake up and leave earlier.
This was Ollie's last first last day of school, and I was trying
not to be sad, but I was.
He was just sad he had to go to school, period.

After school, on my motorcycle, Christian taught Claire how to ride.
She wants to join the ranks of some of us family as riders.

We ended this special day with a deeper commitment to read our scriptures
as a family every night.  We've done OK in the summer, but
now that school is in session, it will be easier to gather and read since
we're all on a similar schedule.

I hope God blesses us this school year with knowledge, love, patience, and 
kindness for ourselves, family members, friends, and schoolmates.

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