Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Skip to the good part...

This morning Christian took the MTC shift with Jane at the church
but came home around 4:00 so he could yell
at the pirates for being so slow.
Ok, ok, not yell, but he did come home to work alongside them 
to try and get things done faster.
Claire took the evening shift.
Gigs mowed the lawn (with Lottie!),
and I worked on the porch getting stuff organized.
I wish we could just "skip to the good part." 
(ahhhh ahh ahhhh ahhh...you know that song?).
I want things in order now! I want my privacy back, too!
I can only take so much of this chaos!
But the good news is that the kitchen tile is finally finished. Yay!
Tomorrow I will clear off the counter and finally COOK DINNER!
The Nies are kinda over cereal night!

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