Monday, July 25, 2022

First Day

 Today Jane began her first day of the 14-day home MTC experience
and Stillestead is still a mess and WITHOUT internet!
Bummer! So, we arranged for her to go to our church building
 to study and do her 6-hour zoom conferences and lessons.
One of the mission rules is that Jane can never be alone- 
she always needs a companion, 
so our family split up hours of the day to be her
 special companion with Jane, and today was Ollie's day.
It's boring at the church building alone, so naturally Gigs tagged along.
They played basketball, and who knows what else they did for all those hours?
During Jane's 45-minute lunch break, they walked to Subway across 
from the building sounded like was a highlight for them. 
Ollie has been taking a summer seminary course since he is 
planning on graduating from high school a semester 
early to go on his mission
and wants the full 4 years of seminary credit. 
So, of course, I encouraged him to work on his seminary lessons
but somehow, and even being at the church ALL DAY, not much seminary got done.
But I did manage to get several texts throughout the day
from both boys saying things like:
"Mom, Ollie's being a jerk!"
"Gigs is bugging me so bad; why did he have to come?"
You know, typical stuff. Right?!
Mostly I just ignore it or tell them to give each other a big hug,
then they ignore me and don't send texts anymore.

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