Sunday, July 24, 2022

Jane is a missionary!.

This evening after church and dinner 
(cold cereal...we're still not sufficiently eating 
from the kitchen quite yet), we drove to Apex, where President Bingham
(also, my second cousin, who we call "CB"), visited with Jane and our family
 before he set her apart as a full-time missionary.
On the drive, we witnessed the most beautiful rainbow ever, which stayed
vibrant and curled its way over the temple when we pulled into the parking lot.
It was a sign.  A sign from God that let me know that this was all good.
All of it was good, with the heartache, tears, and sacrifices.
I felt so much better.
I felt at peace.
I told Jane that now every time I see a rainbow, I'll think about her,
and I'll probably cry.
We met CB near the temple and together walked around the grounds
talking and enjoying the evenings-end before 
heading inside to meet together in his office.
We went around the room, giving Jane our best and most inspired advice.
Gig's advice was for her to speak up and to everyone.
I said to look people in the eyes and acknowledge 
their light when you talk to them.
Christian said she should connect with the people through music, and
through her tears, Lottie suggested: "to be happy and let go of any fear." 
which was pretty wise coming from a 10-year-old. 
Oliver told Jane to teach from The Book of Mormon and use the power
of its teachings.  (He will be such a dynamite missionary, too!).
Claire gave Jane the best advice, having JUST come home from her mission;
she said to trust in the Holy Ghost.
She explained that so many times, she was stumped about what to
do, where to go, and what to say, but learning to rely on
on the Holy Ghost gave her the confidence to move forward daily.
We all cried and laughed and then felt humbled as our Jane
turned into SISTER NIELSON right before our eyes.
She put her black tag on her chest, and just like that, her 547 day
mission began.

We drove home, made a treat from the super scarce panty 
(still working it up since moving), then went on the porch to watch
the boys light off fireworks to celebrate Jane.

I love my family!

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