Saturday, July 23, 2022

Haircuts and Cotton Candy skies.

This morning all of the Nies climbed into bed with me, 
and I relished the moment.  Then I reminded Claire that she was
getting her haircut and we should get up and get ready.
But no one wanted to move.
It's been 18 months since her last proper haircut!
Instead, we stayed in my bed and reminisced
 about the night before she left
on her mission when she gave herself a haircut (bangs!).
She ended up looking exactly like 4-year-old Claire.
It was hilarious, but at that point, what could be done?!
Then that reminded me of when 3-year-old Claire
cut 2-year-old Jane's hair (and her own!).
It was as hilarious as it was horrifying!

After her haircut, the girls and I grabbed lunch 
then headed to the nursery where
I bought more hydrangeas and lavender plants for my front yard.
Later we picked up sandwiches, and we met the boys at Lowes 
(our home away from home lately) to pick up more drywall
for the construction workers (who I now call the pirates because
of their notorious lack of privacy and sloppy work).
We ate them in the back of Christian's truck under the cotton candy sunset.

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