Friday, July 22, 2022

First Night!

In the morning, around 11:30, I felt like I should wake Claire up since we
 needed to check out of our hotel at noon. I felt terrible doing it.  
I knew she was just so exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically.
We planned the day; we would go to brunch, 
pick up Angus from his year-long sabbatical 
and take him to get his haircut (then home with all of us permanently!!).
We got tickets to see the new Top Gun movie in the afternoon.
Of course, we'd all seen it before but were excited to take Claire.
It was fun taking Claire to Stillestead- her new home.
She LOVES it, just like we all do.
To end our busy day, Christian wanted a turn on the 
lawnmower and then spent hours
meticulously mowing our lawn into the night.
But that was OK since tonight was our first night at Stillestead!!!!
It was a little cramped since our bedroom isn't liveable yet, 
and we only have a tiny ONE working bathroom.
We bunked up on couches, floors, and mattresses and
made it work; it was one of the most memorable nights
in Nielson's history!
All seven of us (and Angus, too!) are back under one ruff!
 (Get it, ruff?).

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