Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Claire is HOME!!!!

 After 18 LONG months, our beautiful Sister Nielson returned!
We drove to the Raleigh/Durham International Airport and waited
not so patiently for her to walk through the returning hallway.
I really have been dreaming of this moment since March 10th, 2021.
I spotted her first and RAN into her arms!
My girl is home!!
We cried and hugged and cried and squealed.
She hugged everyone and was most surprised at how much Gigs 
had grown. It's true; he's like 10 feet tall now!
Then I asked her where she wanted dinner, 
what she's missed the most, and she requested Chopt,
(a family favorite), and a Cook Out shake.
In the car, we rolled the windows down and played a few Taylor Swift
and other songs that Claire missed.
I was crying so many tears of gratitude and feeling a little bittersweet
knowing Jane would be leaving us in a few short weeks.
Breaking up the gang. Again.


After dinner, we went to the church where she was officially
released as a missionary.
We walked around the temple for a few minutes, anticipating 
what would come next for Claire 
 with our good church leader, President Boggess.
Claire felt emotional when the time came for her to take her missonary
badge off her chest, where it's been proudly displayed for 18 months.
Our family sat in a circle in President Boggess's office
and listened to Claire share some amazing missionary experiences. 
She bore her testimony of Christ in Portuguese,
the language she had predominantly used for the last 18 months.
It was a beautiful moment for all of us, but as the mom, I was overwhelmed.
And at that moment, looking at all my children.
I felt like I was experiencing a little of what heaven is like.
Before heading home-errr-our hotel, we stopped at 
Cook Out for shakes, then stayed up WAY too late as she
pulled out Brazillian treats and surprises for all of us.

Welcome home, Claire!!!
Brethren, (and sisters) shall we not go on in so great a cause?
 Go forward and not backward. Courage,...and on, on to the victory!
D&C 128:22

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