Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Haircuts, Hotels, and Homecomings!.

This morning we woke up in a hotel room again.
 However, we moved from the hotel in Durham to 
a nicer (and closer!) place in Chapel Hill.  
I think we can only take a few more nights of this, and then we're forcing
 our way to Stillestead, ready or not.
Although, I'm not sure what's better (or worse?) at this point;
staying at a hotel or a frazzled unfinished dusty home
with only one (and that's not even confirmed) toilet.
Both options are a little bit unorganized and crazy.
Claire is coming home from her mission in Brazil
tomorrow!  (Leaving today!!!!!!!!!)
 I can't BELIVE IT!!!!!
I wouldn't say it went by fast, but I'm shocked!
I can't wait to see her cute face and mug on her.
We are disappointed that we'll be bringing her home to a hotel.
But we're Nielsons; we'll make the best of it no matter what.
We got to talk to her one last time in Brazil to be sure 
everything was all set for her return.
And Lottie played her a Harry Potter little flute tune
she taught herself.
This afternoon at Stillestead, we did more yard work and
I also caught the construction worker
raiding our refrigerator for some cold Cokes.
These dudes are kind of bugging me.
Jane took Lottie, and they both got their haircuts.
Lod wanted a bob, and Jane needed an (as she called it) "hearty trim."
They look so cute!  
Ollie took Lottie on a motorcycle ride around the property.
It's so nice to have land.
So lovely to have a place to be freeeeee!
We left Stillestead around midnight for Chapel Hill, 
and back to our hotel beds.

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