Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bound by Loving Ties.

Tonight Christian, Claire, Jane, and I attended the temple.
This would be our only chance to all be together before Jane
departs for her mission in Portugal in a few weeks.
And this is also the first time Clane has been together at the temple
 since being eligible and with full-use temple recommendations.
The evening was so tender and beautiful.
Being with my girls, serving alongside them, and feeling the
 peace and love they radiate while
feeling peace and love and direction from God
 was beautifully overwhelming...if that's even possible.
They are both so wise and devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
and to His commandments.
As their mother, I couldn't be happier.
"True religion, the tie that binds us to God and to each other, 
not only seals our family relationships in eternity 
but also heightens our delight in those family experiences while in mortality."

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