Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Patriotic Pioneers

 Stillested is a mess.  Construction (and dust) covers the
 whole interior as we revamp the bathrooms and the kitchen.  
We're still living at a hotel in Durham while construction workers 
tear up and dirty inside.  
We aim to have at least one bathroom working before Claire gets home.

The construction dudes better work fast because the Nielson
have some significant changes coming up, and I'm feeling a little bit 
stressed out about it all.

I'm afraid to say, but the way they work, I don't think anything
will be done until after Christmas.
But I did happen to find our 4th of July buntings even though
we're a few weeks late.
We Utahans (and members of the Church) celebrate our pioneer heritage
on July 24th, so in that case, I'm right on time!
Christian happily put them up for me,
and it's starting to look like a Nielson home!

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