Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Nielsons: OUT

Today we moved out completely.
After several days of slowly moving out room by room,
dragging this on, we finally cleaned up, locked up, and left.
Stillested is only 10 minutes from The House on the 6th.
I wasn't sad.  I don't think any of us were, really.
We're so excited about our new adventures in our new home!
Late tonight I went to the house with Christian, 
and he set up our bed.
Unfortunately, after he set it up, 
we piled it high with our clothes and more stuff.
I wish we could have gotten inside it.
I fear we are very far away from that night!
Every nook and cranny in that house is stuffed!
Praying for our contractors to hurry, hurry!

After, we drove to Chapel Hill and checked into a hotel for
the next week while renovations continue.

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