Thursday, July 14, 2022

Moving and Mowing.

We moved some more today,
AKA: plopped all our belonging into the front room of Stillested
because each room has some kind of construction going on.
Christian put up the lighting in the kitchen and dining room, and I am not happy about the alien-looking light over the dining room table.
It's been a few days, and I don't have the heart to tell him that I hate it
because he did some serious modifications 
to the light to make it work in that space.   
It reminds me of the lights hanging up in the Waffle House.
I've never actually eaten in that restaurant but I have driven by.

We also bought a ride-on lawn mower and
Gigs took to it, and now he'll be the all-time lawn boy.
We have a large lawn now, and here in North Carolina, sometimes you need 
to mow the lawn twice a week.
He likes to meticulously mow straight lines 
or sometimes a pattern that would make Yankee Stadium proud.
It's a meditative moment that invites him to feel peace.
It's very Zen.
I think he likes the alone time and, of course, being outside
is a huge plus.
Sometimes when I watch him out the window, 
I can tell that he's happy and calm
by the way, he sips his Coke with one hand
 while driving with the other.
Or the way he casually watches a bird fly overhead.  
He's in his element.
He reminds me of my dad, who also loves mowing the lawn.
When I was a little girl, I remember he'd wake up grumpy on Saturdays 
but then go outside to mow the lawn and come back in a totally different mood.
"Who wants Mcdonald's for lunch!?"

Also, today, Jane got her missionary nametags in the mail!
It's really real!  You can't stop Sister Nielson!

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