Sunday, June 19, 2022

To the Father of my children:.

First of all, I love you so much!
Happy Father's Day to you, Mr. Nielson!
Christian and I are in Africa, but we promised the kids we'd
celebrate the wonderful father of our home, Christian,
when we return!
"Perhaps the most essential of a father's work is to turn 
the hearts of his children to their Heavenly Father. 
If by his example as well as his words, a father can demonstrate 
what fidelity to God looks like in day-to-day living, that father 
will have given his children the key to peace in this life
 and eternal life in the world to come. A father who reads 
scripture to and with his children acquaints them with the voice of the Lord."

And a very Happy Father's Day to my very own father!!!
I love you, pops!
Dad in Norway, 1964

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