Sunday, June 19, 2022

Day 8 in Africa .

Each morning before our group heads out for the morning, 
Head guide Kevin asks Christian to pray for the group before departing.
Christian gives the most beautiful prayers, so full of gratitude and faith.
Today is our 4th day on the mountain.
It was also the Sabbath day and Father's Day.
I tried to keep my thoughts on the Savior who makes everything 
possible and reachable.  I couldn't be here without him and the hope
I have and receive from His grace.
We trekked across the Barranco Valey floor and climbed the great Barranco wall.
That two-hour part was no joke.
It's tedious, and you must be super aware the whole time.
But when we reached the top, we had spectacular views of Kilimanjaro
and the valley below.
We were so high up that I felt like I was in an airplane. 
We were above the clouds that covered the town wayyyy, far down below.
Today was the first day I felt the altitude and had a slight headache,
but my left leg was killing me most.
On my ankle is a scar band that goes all the way around, and it felt
like I had a tourniquet tightening up with every step I took.
It was painful!!
Dr. Foster threatened to take my bag away, but
I promised I'd put my leg up every break we got.
And I did.
But it hurt the rest of the day and was pretty swollen.
At the end of our 5-hour day at the Karanga campsite
 I was so happy to take my shoes off
and lay down for the rest of the evening.

Happy Father's Day!

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