Monday, June 20, 2022

Day 9 in Africa.

Today was day 5 on the mountain. 
We trekked toward the Barafu campsite at 15,800 feet
for 5 hours.  
Today I bonded with a darling porter who was missing his thumb.
He couldn't speak English well, but we bonded over our missing digits.
I also share my licorice, which was a hit. Obviously!
We were encouraged to prepare for summit day tomorrow!
I couldn't sleep; it was like Christmas!  

I was so excited and anxious and nervous!
We had a team meeting together, and our fantastic leader
Kevin (aka Robert Redford in Out of Africa)
gave us a pep talk.  

He took everyone's pulse before bed.
If our numbers were low or abnormal, we were not cleared for the summit
in the morning, and I admit, I was worried.
What if.....???
But Christian and I both had fantastic readings and were cleared 
for the morning summit hike.
The guides and Dr. Foster asked how my foot was today 
and evaluated me to be sure I could continue
 the climb and/or carry my pack. 
 I told them that I carried a child for 9 months with my puffy painful ankles
and I did just fine then and had confidence in myself and my body.  
They respected that choice but watched me like a hawk.
Lottie sent us with one of her little squishy friends.
I've been taking photos of it every day to show her:

We'll get up at 3:30 am tomorrow for our 15-hour summit hike!

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