Saturday, June 18, 2022

Day 7 in Africa.

 Today is our 3rd day on the mountain.
I haven't been affected by the altitude like 
Christian and other team members have. Thank heavens!
We are taking Diamox every morning
to help with altitude sickness.
Christian really felt it this morning, as did a few other hikers.
I felt groggy today because I didn't sleep so great the night before.
Neither did Christian.  
A cough/sore throat is going around the group, and I think he's got it.  
At lunch, I felt super emotional and overwhelmed watching the porters
set everything up for us and then feed us.
Then I felt homesick and grateful, and it was like a huge
an emotional ball hit me, and I couldn't stop crying.
I had to excuse myself from the tent and be alone for an hour
or so to gather my thoughts and feel peace.
There is a lot to take in here. 
Every few hours, either Christian or I 
(or the other survivors) get miked up and/or interviewed
by either Justin or David 
They are the guys making this trek into a documentary.
I am a silent hiker, though, and usually don't say a word which is
probably frustrating to them.
Today I listened to conference talks and pretty music to help
give me an extra boost of inspiration and energy.
We made it to Lava Tower for lunch and camped at
the Barranco Campsite for the night at 13,400 feet and 7 hours of hiking.
It was freezing, and I admit, I was a little grumpy.
We're still so far away.
But I've been here before.
So close, yet so far away.
This is precisely why I'm hiking this mountain.
I've overcome and climbed so many mountains in my life, mountains
that has brought me to my knees, taught me lessons, and
helped me grow.
I can do this.
I still have tons of energy; just feeling emotional.
I was so exhausted and cold that I opted to have dinner brought to me
in the tent with hot water bottles stuffed inside my sleeping bag.
As always, I am amazed at our porters and their abilities! They are the real heroes of Kilimanjaro!

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